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Technology Integration

Technology integration is a service applied to selectively refine technologies, new product, process, or service. We offer both advisory and implementation services to help manage their technology organizations and portfolio of technology assets. Our expert teams are able to bring to you various technology integration solutions to meet your corporate needs.

Internet of Things (IoT)- Smart cities

Smart cities are here now and growing quickly as the Internet of Things (IoT) expands and impacts municipal services around the globe. We are poised to cater to this market through their services in design and build approaches to smart cities of the future.

Integrated Project Management

Integrated project management approaches include supporting organizations on the distinction between projects and processes. We apply project integration concepts to meet client needs, delivering to requirements of the essential project


State and local governments worldwide are introducing a host of creative solutions to conserve energy and reduce consumption through efficient design solutions in water use, waste disposal and minimizing industrial emissions, while also making it easier for people to get around using multimodal transport solutions. We are unique in the market on our capabilities and expertise in bringing innovation and leading-edge technology solutions to various transport partners and to cities of the future.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

We deliver integrated Business Intelligence & Data Analytics solutions that provide impetus to accelerated decision making. The solutions are designed to enhance user engagement through features like data discovery, graphic visualization, and self-service dashboards. Our business intelligence and data analytics teams provide custom data to various industry sectors

Software & Mobile Apps

From concept to product launch, our team of top-tier mobile app developers ensures the smooth delivery of your app into the app store. Our teams are capable of delivering deliver platform based mobile (Apple’s IoS and Android) solutions. Our capabilities include turning complex processes into simple intuitive apps for the customer or end-user.

Big Data

Big Data is happening now, and we bring strategies in organizing unstructured data and customizing it to meet specific organizational and project specific needs. We work with our clients and partners to help bring order to your Big Data projects, and implement the technologies needed to manage and understand your data needs.

Operations and Technology Management

Expertise in Operations Management used to design, manufacture, distribute, and deliver products or services. Our experts bring the concepts of operations management to a variety of industries including services and manufacturing.

Cloud Computing

Our expert teams provide cloud computing services making it beneficial for organizations to migrate to the cloud infrastructure. We offer guidance on developing a comprehensive cloud enabling strategy, through our experienced and certified professionals. Out of the many cloud computing services, we support Microsoft’s One Drive, Office 365, Azure on storage services. We also support Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon’s EC2 categorized as Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Our Portfolio

We strive to deliver quality services to our clients and attain mission goals by solving complex business problems at the right cost.

Our Partners

Envirosys Technologies is a proud member of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. We are proactively working with the Board of Directors at the Chamber and are in collaboration with MCCC’s mission. Our participation in MCCC activities allows us to bring in creative ideas and technology innovation through digital solutions, to support the advancement of the Montgomery County social framework. We wish to strengthen our partnership with the Chamber and would like to continue to support

The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce's (MCCC) passionate, professional team delivers 1) Impactful events that connect you to other leadership; Insightful programs that give you the right knowledge at the right time; Advocacy wins that remove business growth barriers.

Envirosys Technologies is a proud member of Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). We participate actively in the mission of the organization and have been a member since 1989. Envirosys Technologies collaborates on supporting the growth of the Military environment and brings innovative ideas and solutions to the organization. Envirosys Technologies supports SAME mission in the following areas: has developed the following strategies for achieving its mission:

  • SAME focused Military Design and Construction
  • Support as an organization by sponsoring SAME missions
  • Advice on change by improving organizational/operational efficiency
  • Provide National/International SAME leadership
  • Educate larger/more diverse audiences
  • Contribute value to members
  • Train post leadership
  • Bring ideas to help SAME recognize excellent service to post/community
  • Improve organizational/operational efficiency of the Defense organizations and their policies for SAME organizations.

iPravara Technology & Consultancy specializing in integrated IT technology, and Training & Development for corporates, and business organization; with extensive service and support for business growth, transforming the business operations into a reliable platform by providing strategic technology planning & designing to every organization, precisely what is needed with a robust, secured & cost-effective solutions.

About Envirosys Technologies

Over 35 years of experience with IT and Engineering global companies, supporting product management, engineering design, technology implementation for government and private sector clients. Our company brings out the richness of technical and management resources to support our clients. We bring quality and leading edge services to our clients.


We strive to deliver quality services to our clients and attain mission goals by solving complex business problems at the right cost.


We adapt to our customers needs and provide cost-effective solutions to ensure their success and growth.

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